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The Campbell government is a collection of dissemblers such that you can’t take anything they say seriously. The so-called “harmonized sales tax” is the latest example. And isn’t “harmonized” such a lovely warm and fuzzy word? In fact it is nothing more than a raising of the sales tax but to tell people that requires honesty, a commodity sadly lacking in this morality challenged government.”Harmonized” is rather like the phrase “green and renewable” used by those destroying our rivers.

This lack of acquaintance with the truth goes back to the beginning when Campbell took the moratorium off fish farms in 2001, Since that time he has consistently denied the evidence that open cage fish farms are a menace to our wild fishery. As each independent study came out, from the best scientists in the business, Campbell would peddle deceit saying that scientists supported his policy which is a terminological inexactitude, as Churchill called such things when Parliamentary practice forbade him to use the word “lie”.

The entire energy policy has been the very opposite of what he’s said and the video statement by Colin Hansen I spoke of last week lays the falsehoods out for all to see. (I must apologize for spelling Hansen’s name the English way; I was trying to avoid embarrassing Scandinavians).

There is a sense of helplessness in the air. What can we do with the government having another four years to wreck the environment and fill the pockets of their friends and paymasters?

We can quit, of course. We can blame those 50% who didn’t vote. We can blame the NDP for running an appalling campaign – which they did. We can spend the next four years cursing and crying.

That’s certainly not what I’m going to do. It’s not the course I suggest for you. For while Campbell has the legislature seats we know they’re based on 23% of eligible voter and that he has no moral basis for what he’s doing. This means, in my mind, that we have a moral duty to oppose with every means at our disposal and to keep opposing until we have another election.

It means that we must process and, where appropriate, use civil disobedience. The injunction process used to send decent people to jail works like this. The company, cheered on by the government, has protesters charged for interfering with a legal contract of similar offence with an application before the courts to order protesters to stop. When they don’t, they’re charged with contempt and sent to jail. We have to be ready to take this route, odious as it is. When this happens the public see that as a reward for destroying our environment and bankrupting BC Hydro huge offshore companies can throw decent, caring people in jail.

The difficulty will be keeping on the pressure. But we have a lesson before us in the Kemano II project that the public stopped in the 90s.

In a way we’re like an occupied country with malicious masters. And as Churchill advised people in occupied countries during the war – we must make their policies as hard to implement as we can.

For all of us there are hugely important issues at stake. Are we going to stand idly by as fish farms decimate our precious wild salmon? Are we going to stand on the sidelines as large corporations murder our rivers and streams? Are we going to just sigh and accept the destruction of BC Hydro?

These are not the ordinary issues of ordinary politics but go to the very root of the relationship of the governors and the governed. We the people have never been consulted on the energy policy the Campbell government is implementing.

Now, when there are public hearings the people are not permitted to deal with the merits.

Our options, then, are to watch in sullen silence or do everything we can, short of violence, to stop them.

2 Responses to “The battle has barely begun III”

  1. Derrick Fernie says:

    Thomas Jefferson The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

  2. hinotes says:

    What do citizens have to do, to rid our selves of Campbell, Iggy and Harper. Possibly, we citizens of low income and seniors, could maybe not pay our taxes, for two years or so. That is what should happen to Harper for allowing a province to be demolished by a premier, for the sake of corrupt funds, to load up his wallet, from theft of the people, of BC. It would take a revolution to stop the corruption in this country. Harper, is two faced, Iggy places threats, and Campbell, lies, steals, and is deceitful. The three of them should be, put out of this country, although, I don’t know who would want them.

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