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It’s All Going to the US

The rivers issue is going to put Gordon Campbell and his government inside a box where the sides unceasingly close in. It can’t help but do that as more and more British Columbians understand what has happened.

Campbell was lucky as hell that in the last election the NDP were unable to make this their issue with the result that only in a few constituencies was it an issue at all. That may have changed already.

This is a policy that has no good side to it. If it weren’t so serious one might laugh at Guy Dauncey of BCSEA’s silly little word games and consoling thought that even if this power isn’t staying home that at least it will help Americans meet their environmental standards.

Often one says “shorn of all else” but I can’t say that because “all else” is fatal piece by piece. Perhaps I can say that the most galling part for British Columbians is that a decision they had no hand in making is going to create power almost exclusively for export. It’s here the Campbell government – and yes the Premier especially – have lied through their teeth. Creating the false impression that BC was an importer of power and needed to do something to become self sufficient by 2016 Campbell told people that this power would fix it all up for us. We are not net importers and even if we needed power, private power is scarcely going to be helpful. Think on that friends – Premier Campbell told us that these private power deals were going to create all the energy we need when in fact nearly all of it’s going to the US so they don’t have to screw up their rivers and streams. Our money, our environment, our power company along with the private power are all going south!

Just as he assured us he’s never sell BC Rail he told us private power would be for British Columbians. Perhaps as Churchill did to avoid calling a prime minister something unparliamentary I will content myself by observing that Campbell’s statements are terminological inexactitudes!

9 Responses to “It’s All Going to the US”

  1. Rafe, where is the line between political puffery and lying? Campbell has now a long and firmly established record of untruthfulness, the budget lies, “protection” of health care and the HST lies being recent egregious examples.

    A comment on your article in the Tyee proposed the idea and I’ve now done enough reading to conclude that Campbell is indeed revealed as a psychopath. He is attracted to grandiose projects (Port Mann bridge, Olympics, South Fraser Perimeter Road, etc). He is manipulative, untruthful, egocentric and appears to completely lack empathy (BC has lowest minimum wage in Canada). One could make other comments including about his marriage situation but that list is clearly indicative.

    At what point will a Liberal colleague step forward to bell the cat? I blogged about the psychopathy angle at Northern Insights “Is he or is he not?” and will continue to explore this angle.

  2. RossK says:

    Mr. Mair said: “Just as he assured us he’s never sell BC Rail he told us private power would be for British Columbians….”


    What’s next?

    Could it be that all thesemassive cuts to heathcare will shrink things sufficiently such that it can be drowned in the bathtub just as the privateers set themselves down on the toilet for the duration?


  3. The Robber Class says:

    The sell-off & subsidy of BC energy at BC Hydro’s expense will go along way to padding the profits at certain US Corporations… ever hear of the term in the US called “jobless recovery” … well, that “jobless recovery” will come partially at the expense of British Columbians; in the form of a reduction in the quality of lifestyle currently enjoyed by British Colombians, via a transfer of wealth via overinflated IPP contracts… another scam being slipped past the gullible BC public courtesy of the Robber Class.

  4. The Robber Class says:

    More bridge tolls, new car levies … courtesy of the ROBBER CLASS.

  5. Evil Eye says:

    What Gordon Campbell has done and what the mainstream media have not reported on is a Liberal government sponsored transfer of wealth to the wealthy and US Corporations.

    Lower income taxes, means much higher user fees, which affect the poor. Despite the right-wing rhetoric that we have lower income taxes, the poor today are paying much more in user fees, in fact the middle and lower classes have had much higher living costs, due to higher user fees, that they can barely afford.

    Hydro/R-o-R debacle is again a massive transfer of local wealth to US corporations, just as what the fish farms are doing. Destroy local ecology for the benefit of enriching off-shore corporations.

    For Campbell, money is his only goal and his childish philosophy is; “He/she who has the most money when he/she dies – wins.”

    And Suzuki and Berman support this?

  6. Berman is all about “style” over “substance”… she doesn’t use our rivers like our local recreationalist’s, sportsfishermen, and natives … she just shows up at a river once in a while for photo op’s and fund raising purposes.

    Suzuki started out meaning well … but along the way morphed into a freelance public relations machine specializing in the green industry available for the highest bidder.

  7. The Robber Class says:

    In addition to our domestic energy, I see the Robber Class are going start stripping our health care in a big way.

  8. Guy La Flam says:

    Is Rafe mad enough to join a citizens group, to examine the the legitimacy of the Campbell regime? Does one wait until after the Reichstag fire, or try to prevent it?

  9. Marie says:

    Prevent the sale of the hydro, in which way? Everything Campbell has done to this province, is underhanded, sneaky, lying, deceit, and all the rest of it. Campbell, will leave his office a billionaire from all the crimes he has committed against the citizens of BC. We, are also aware of the treachery of Harper, and Iggy, being in league with Campbell. Those three stooges, are in it for the money. as well. This country has become so terribly corrupt, under Harper’s dictatorship. It makes a person wonder, if there is truth behind the devil. Could it be possible, that Canada, Mexico, and the USA, will become, the NAU. Seems this country is grooming citizens, for just that, it all fits. There is astonishment to learn, this has been worked on for decades.

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