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NDP leader should consider resigning and declaring a leadership convention this spring.

The NDP is in deep trouble, which is good news for the Liberals and for any fledgling party of the “centre.” Whether or not the NDP is in terminal trouble, in the sense of being probable losers in the next election, depends upon what they do now. Read full article at The Tyee: James Risks All By ‘Riding It Out’

One Response to “James Risks All By ‘Riding It Out’”

  1. Don Ferguson says:

    Dear Mr. Mair,
    I want you to know that if it wasn’t for the tireless work of you and others , Laila, BC Mary, Teilman, etc. all hope would be lost. It seems we live in times when honesty and values are looked upon as negative and unproductive to the cause which seems to be rape and pillage where you can.
    Just want to let you know I appreciate what you do!
    There is a high value to what you say and a very relevant purpose to continue!
    Best regards from me.

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