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Home Stretch coverThis article is a shameless, self aggrandizing, humble and blatant bit of self promotion.

I have a new book called The Home Stretch published online through Amazon.com for the modest price of $9.99 (apparently $10 is too high but 9.99 is just right.)

This book arose out of research I did for my TV show on JOY-TV called “The Search.”

OK, the book is about religion … but it’s not a religious book – it’s an unskilled layman’s look at the religions of the world. It came about because I think that most of us, upon learning we’re going to die (I still think they’re going to make an exception in my case) start a long search for the best way out of this mess.

The book is guaranteed to piss off those who are certain theirs is the only way to go but I hope it will interest and challenge most people and even get a laugh or two along the way.

Why online?

Simple – though I’ve had 8 books published, I as a BC writer don’t get manuscripts returned anymore (that I can handle) but utter silence from those who (by their own admission) made money on my past humble efforts.

Downloading is easy and cheap and I might even make a small return on my efforts – which you must agree is better than zilch.

Merry Christmas even though you don’t buy my book, but my bonhomie is considerably more sincere to those of you who go to Amazon.com and shell out the lousy nine+ bucks to buy my outstanding and ridiculously under priced book.

2 Responses to “The Home Stretch available online”

  1. peter norton says:

    see new graphics on “the seach” but seems it has not been renewed.

    if it ever is would like to see you interview David Short re same sex marriage and the Anglican church….keep searching regardless!

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