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MLA candidate for Nanaimo-North Cowichan Lia Versaevel (photo: BC Green Party)

This coming election, May 9, is the most unsatisfactory one I can remember since, perhaps, 1952,  when the old Coalition broke up. Most people I talk to throw up their hands, saying such a terrible choice – a corrupt, cheating, lying, government and an opposition that hasn’t shown any leadership at all and gives no confidence they’ll be any better the last NDP bunch.

I tend to agree.

At first, I wasn’t going to do any election interviews, mainly because I knew that neither leader would be much interested and I could see no advantage to the reader in  hearing from most of the candidates, David Eby of the NDP being probably the one exception.

My own political persuasion is Green but I am not a member of the party and while I support Elizabeth May federally, I think that Dr. Weaver is a distinct liability to the BC party. His views on IPPs and BC Hydro, propounded by him since 2009, are so thoroughly discredited that his continuing to hold them surely disqualifies him as leader of any party that cares anything about the environment and fiscal responsibility. Read full article at The Common Sense Canadian

One Response to “BC Green candidate Lia Versaevel brings a lot to the table”

  1. Troy Grant says:

    My view is simple, we are out of time, humanity is in extra innings to use baseball vernacular. I can only support and vote for people whith an unyielding, ecologically sustainable philosophy at their core. The reason I believe this is humanity has no future without a profoundly different approach. We have made such a mess of things that all the arguments about “its the conomy stupid” to rationalize business as usual, amounts in my view to supporting mass suicide. This does not mean our economy will not be vibrant, it just means we must adjust and adapt to a new economy, based on sustainability, healing and growth that accounts for the true cost of things. We can’t turn the clock back, but we can build a new future that includes everyone and everything, we really can.

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