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Christy Clark must go!

British Columbians have had enough of Christy Clark, says Rafe Mair (Province of BC/Flickr)

The Christy Clark government and Clark herself must go!

I am not a socialist but neither are the NDP. Of course, we must have a thriving economy that supports our necessities and has room for earned luxuries. What we can no longer do, if we wish to have a British Columbia useful for enjoyment of life, is let entrepreneurial ambitions and corporate influence on government trump all other values.

Even if you do place the economy above all else, you have to examine the Clark Keystone Kops’ self-proclaimed business acumen, which, even in these good economic times, has doubled the provincial debt and ruined our former crown jewel, BC Hydro and, having bankrupted it in all but name, committed it to a further $10 billion Site C for power we don’t need and for which we have no customers. Read full article at The Common Sense Canadian

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  1. thanks alot for leading us to the best article and amazing discussion..
    BC is a beautiful province which became a expensive poorhouse. To many different rules from a same government office just to keep the government bussy and ruin the small businesses.

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