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The Trans Mountain pipeline [Kinder Morgan] expansion project will never see the light of day.

-Grand Chief Philip Stewart, Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs

Photo: Damian Manda / Flickr CC License

If you live anywhere in Canada other than British Columbia, you’re probably convinced that the Kinder Morgan (Trans Mountain) pipeline from Edmonton to Burnaby, BC will be built, since no less than Prime Minister Trudeau says so. Well, you may get a shock with this candid advice but you’d best accept the fact that this pipeline will never, ever be built, period.

Many much wiser and more powerful British Columbians than I will tell you the same in even stronger terms.

In light of the domination of the mainstream media by the oil industry, with dedicated lackeys running our governments, you may not have heard the British Columbia side of this story. Here it is.

Might my story not be biased? Of course that conclusion’s an option since there is no more loyal British Columbian than I, but remember that we who will fight Kinder Morgan have only one interest: the beautiful land and water we hold in trust for those as yet unborn. We have no Tar Sands to flog, no political payoffs owed, no juicy House of Commons seats to covet, no faraway investors to enrich, no personal ambitions to fulfill, no face saving to be done – all that’s at stake for us is the salvation and preservation of our home. Read full article at The Common Sense Canadian

One Response to “True Patriot Love: Why the Kinder Morgan pipeline will never be built”

  1. Rod Pugh says:

    Wow! What a masterful piece! You have not lost your punch.
    I just hope BC NDP and Greens can withstand the pressure. Positive Horgan and Weaver cringe every time they answer the phone, text, email and door knock.
    If GG orders an election the knives will be out for Horgan for sure, as NDP will be under extreme pressure to moderate position on Kinder Morgan, Natural Gas.
    Unfortunately NDP decapitates its own, driven by external pressure it will be assured.

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