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Tag Archive 'Colin Hansen'

Shortest blog in history

 The following will demonstrate, as if that were necessary, that the Liberal Government has lied through its teeth. Below is a direct quote from Colin Hansen, found by Googling “Colin Hansen, private power” Here’s what Hansen says: “ … where we can encourage small companies to build small scale hydroelectric projects that are run […]

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The battle has barely begun III

The Campbell government is a collection of dissemblers such that you can’t take anything they say seriously. The so-called “harmonized sales tax” is the latest example. And isn’t “harmonized” such a lovely warm and fuzzy word? In fact it is nothing more than a raising of the sales tax but to tell people that requires […]

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I have been given strong legal advice not to call someone a liar because that implies that he is an inveterate liar. Because of this I need your help dealing with the BC Finance Minister, the Honourable Colin Hansen. Just prior to the last election, Mr. Hansen did a short interview, on camera. Let me […]

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