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Talk 1410 AM - the buzz of VancouverRafe Mair is a guest most Monday mornings on the Simi Sara show on Talk 1410 AM (CFUN).

Click here to listen to an MP3 clip of Rafe’s appearance on October 26. The topics are the recent escape of salmon from the Broughton Archipelago salmon farms, and the cuts to mental health by the provincial government.

One Response to “Rafe on Talk 1410 radio, Oct. 26”

  1. where or where has my radio show gone????
    what is this depressing 24 hour bable of low IQ topics of sports and athletes. this new host sounds depressing and angry every time i tune in to 1410 hoping that the old programs of enlightenment and entertainment were back. do we not have enough depressing media in our life, and now this!!!!!!!

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