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Monthly Archive for December, 2009

Vancouver Council’s Sucker Punch

Given what’s now known about concussions, there’s no excuse for approving extreme fighting. There are some things I will just never understand. For a few hundred thousand dollars, OK maybe a million or two, we’ll leave the ill, especially the mentally ill without adequate health service but we can afford the billions on the Olympics. […]

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Going Nuclear!

Well,  at least inviting a hard look at nuclear energy as an option. Batten down the hatches! Hide the good booze! Prepare for the worst! Rafe is going to talk about nuclear, hereinafter called N to preserve the sensibilities of readers! First a bit of background as to why I would discuss this matter now […]

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Say It Ain’t So, Tiger

I was your biggest fan. Now I say to your wife Elin, ‘Sue the bastard!’ He was one of the best ballplayers of all time. He played in the 1919 World Series for the Chicago White Sox and had 12 hits and a .375 batting average — in both cases leading both teams. The 12 […]

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NDP Doesn’t Hide Its Divisions

Carole James is no autocrat — and her party, for better or worse, lacks discipline. Much note has been taken in the press of the conflicting speeches of Jim Sinclair and Carole James at the recent NDP conference, with Sinclair representing the BC Federation of Labour and James speaking for herself and those who support […]

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