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´╗┐Premier Campbell’s decision to go ahead with Site “C” demonstrates what I’ve said all over the province and written for anyone who will print it for nearly three years:

“Run of River, better stated as private power initiatives, will not supply power to BC Hydro because it produces its power during the run-off when BC Hydro doesn’t need it!”

This is the question Premier Campbell must now answer –

Now you have admitted that private power will not be going for BC consumption but for export, and now that you’ve approved Site “C” to produce power for our use, will the private rivers policy, which destroys our rivers to supply power in the United States, be ended with no new licenses to be issued?

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  1. Norm Farrell says:

    The Site C dam will enable government to guarantee private producers access to firm-power to make up for times private soft-power is short. That way, they can sell their soft-power as non-interruptible, at much higher prices. Liberals intend for privates to have the choice of selling through BC Hydro or trading themselves in the export market but they need certain supply to do either at optimum prices.

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