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Tiger – re the media – tell them all to get lost and, if necessary, use the international phrase for “go away”.

I don’t have to tell you that you made an idiot of yourself and made Élin look like a sucker to the entire world. But there are ways to pay damages, as you’re finding out, and you have to live with yourself from here to the end.

Having said that – you’re not the only man or woman to have sex outside the marriage including me. I can say that because I was twice sued for divorce based on my own meandering. That doesn’t make what you did less reprehensible especially when most of us straying mates did not do this as major league world personalities.

Tiger – the media is feasting off you and you’re quite right to tell them that you are moving on.

I’m more worried about your golf game. In addition to your great golf swing, you have been, from the hugely important mental side of the game, the toughest in history. When I saw you in the Masters carelessly reach over the hole and miss scraping a six inch putt, I saw that you are not yourself by a long shot. We all remember the Tiger who was never out of it and now see a badly distracted man.

I saw signs of this before your domestic troubles. A great friend in New Zealand are both huge fans of yours. Before the 2009 British Open I called my pal and said Tiger isn’t going to win because he didn’t get the Scotland early enough to have at least half a dozen practice rounds”. As a low handicapper, I had played Royal Turnberry many times and knew what a test that course is, especially when it’s windy which is most of the time. Similarly I note that you’re not going to St Andrews in time to do some heavy familiarization before this year’s Open. Bad decision. I know you’ve won their twice but it still requires the Tiger preparation of old.

Unless you can get mentally tough again you’ll not be the big threat you’ve always been.

Tiger, you’re only 33 – Ben Hogan didn’t win his first Major until he was 32 and won 6 more after that. My advice to you is to rehire your swing coach – perhaps even go back to Butch Harmon whose Dad, incidentally, won the 1948 Masters. You must have help as every good golfer does.

Then you must do something for which you are famous – put yourself in the present.

I’m one of your legion of dedicated fans and I want you back in the picture so I can watch golf on TV again.

One Response to “From Rafe’s desk: Advice to Tiger Woods”

  1. Brooke Bannister says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. He’s lost his mojo, and needs it back. Right now, he’s just an average pro, and for Tiger, that’s not a good thing.
    There used to be two PGA Tours … one with Tiger in the field, and one without him. Now, I’m afraid, there’s only one. And I don’t like it one bit.

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