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Is Tiger finished (III)?

I say “LAY OFF TIGER WOODS”! We’re not dealing here with a child molester or terrorist but the best golfer who ever lived.

He behaved abominably – of that there’s no doubt. He publicly humiliated his wife and he let us all down – badly. Let he who is without sin..….

Now, we’re told, there’s to be a documentary telling all about his evil father, Earl, and how he programmed Tiger and, indeed, had him hypnotized. If that vitiates Tiger’s accomplishments, what about others who have been encouraged indeed “forced” may not be too strong a word, to do what their father couldn’t? Martin Luther King Jr. comes to mind. So does Mickey Mantle whose father once gave him a licking for batting right against a right hander in a Little league game! He was named Mickey in honour of his father’s idol, Mickey Cochrane, the Hall of Famer with the Philadelphia Athletics and Detroit Tigers.

What about royalty brought up to be royalty? Business tycoons who prod their kids into the same business? Labour union people that instill the principles of unionism in their kids? Religious leaders etc etc. This criticism of Earl Woods is no doubt accurate but who amongst us has not been programmed by our upbringing?

It’s indeed time to “LAY OFF TIGER WOODS”!

Let’s remember that this man has won 14 Majors and before this year won one out of three tournaments he played in. Here is a man who mentally as well as physically destroyed his opposition. This guy utterly revolutionized the game of golf and set standards that are still to be matched.

Let’s remember the 2008 US Open, probably the best played Major of all time where he played 91 holes in agony with a broken bone in his leg to beat the courageous Rocco Mediate.

For the love of God, let’s remember the Tiger Woods Foundation into which he has poured huge sums of money and personal effort to help inner city kids NOT to play golf but to get a decent education.

Leave Tiger alone. Let him work through his problem and suffer with his own gremlins and his conscience. Leave Earl Woods out, that part of Tiger’s story has been played out to a fare-thee-well.

Above all, it’s time to stop the piling on and leave Tiger Woods be.

One Response to “Is Tiger finished (III)?”

  1. Stephen Tait says:

    Pretend with me for a moment…I am a filthy rich young man who is loved by billions of human beings world wide…and I like strippers with huge amenities. Duh. Gengis khan had more women and murdered thousands and wiped out civilizations, but do the Mongolians remember that? Do we remember? What about Julius Caesar? History has a way of evening things out and putting things into perspective. Time is going to solve this problem, because as human beings, we really aren’t that perfect in the first place, eh?

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