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I strongly urge you to see economist Erik Anderson demonstrate how the Campbell government is deliberately bankrupting BC Hydro!

Victoria Community TV Presents:

Face to Face with Big Trouble at BC Hydro

Retired economist Erik Anderson discusses a troubling and possibly sinister financial situation at BC Hydro. And he asks: Is BC Hydro being put in financial jeopardy in order to privatize it? This is shocking and almost unbelievable stuff and must be seen by all. Once again we see the Media and the NDP silent, the government corrupt, and our future being put at great risk. The stage is being set for
something that may make the BC Rail fraud look small.

On Channel 11 in Victoria and Saltspring Island …

Saturday, Nov. 27 at 11AM and 11:30PM

Sunday, Nov 28 at 10AM and 9PM

Face to Face with Jack Etkin #48: Erik Anderson from ICTV Victoria on Vimeo.

… and in order to really get what he is saying, you
should watch this more than once…

3 Responses to “Victoria Community TV Presents: Privatizing BC Hydro”

  1. Kim says:

    Thanks Rafe, I have shared on facebook.

  2. H.Brian Davison says:

    Isn’t this really is old news.
    All these issues were raised last Spring by the NDP during the debates on the Clean Energy Act and the Budget estimates in the Fir Room by John Horgan when Lekstrom was still Minister. I at that time had been involved both by talking to Lekstrom and Horgan and also by filing a letter with the BCUC.
    It didn’t get picked up back then either by the media or the public. Why do you think it will now?

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