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With the leadership of both major parties up for grabs you should know what The Common Sense Canadian will be doing from now until the next election.

First let me assure you that we are not party-political. We simply support the party that declares for the environment.

Thanks to a conspiracy of silence, the mainstream media have simply ignored environmental issues with the exception of making Letters to the Editor and Op-ed space available to those who would desecrate our environment.

We have seen some significant changes in the environmental movement over the last couple of years with much fuller contact between various groups. More and more The Common Sense Canadian has had speakers and other support from colleagues and we’ve been returning the favour when we can. To name but a few, people like Joe Foy and Gwen Barlee from he Wilderness Committee, the in comparable Alex Morton, Rex Weyler, Donna Passmore, many others and I have found ourselves on the same platform, meaning, among other benefits, we get to know one another better. Our collective pledge is to help each other and to ensure each of us that their struggle is ours too. For far too long governments have been able to divide us and I believe we are quickly coming together – as we must.

We are working hard to bring expert opinion to our web page not only on our own account but from others as well.

We have both senior governments to thank for this because they have assaulted the environment in so many fields it’s galvanized those who care and brought unity where there was once conflict and indifference.

Damien Gillis and I founded The Common Sense Canadian because in fighting for our rivers in the ’09 election we saw that our talents mixed beautifully. We’ve assembled a marvellous group of contributors, advisors, and even a first class cartoonist, Gerry Hummel, whom you’ll be seeing much more of.

We are and have for a long time been appalled at how the desecraters of our environment have got away with it. There are exceptions – thank God for that! – in smaller communities, and we’ll be asking them to help us let the public know what we’re up to and when Damien and I are coming to show his videos and hear our message.

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  1. Manny says:

    May i kindly suggets that you provide a link to The Common Sense Canadian website in your sidebar? Common Sense Canadian.

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