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Shortest blog in history

East Toba River and Montrose Creek generating station in the Toba Valley

The following will demonstrate, as if that were necessary, that the Liberal Government has lied through its teeth.

Below is a direct quote from Colin Hansen, found by Googling “Colin Hansen, private power”

Here’s what Hansen says:

… where we can encourage small companies to build small scale hydroelectric projects that are run of the river, and what that means is, instead of having a big reservoir, a big dam that backs water up, and creates a great big lake, these are run of the river, so the river continues to flow at its normal but we capture some of the energy in the form of hydroelectric power from this.

Now please look at a copy of the March 8 Vancouver Sun, section C, the Business Section and look at the picture of that “small scale hydroelectric project” at Toba Inlet. Here it is: Magma Energy, Plutonic Power team up

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