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Part 1 of Rafe Mair’s July 2012 interview with economist Andersen, delving deep into BC’s troubled energy situation, including BC Hydro’s broken forecasting model, rip-off private power projects, and massive debt and Enron-style accounting practices at our public utility – all driven by the shadowy private American corporation to which we’ve unwittingly handed over our energy sovereignty.

According to Andersen, “When it comes to saying, ‘Oh, this is just a matter of bad policy or this is just a matter of being mistaken or even stupid,’ I don’t accept that. Because there is just too much information available out in the public we all have access to that makes what is going on way too questionable.” Rather, he suggests we may be witnessing “a take-over of the North American energy package. Electricity, gas, oil – the whole enchilada in one bag, by a few people…There’s not enough energy or passion about this abuse of the public trust.”

Throughout the interview, Andersen references and recommends a recent report, by John Calvert and Marc Lee, titled, “Clean Electricity, Conservation and Climate Justice in BC”, which can be seen at: http://www.behindthenumbers.ca/2012/06/20/clean-electricity-conservation-and-a-zero-carbon-future/

Stay tuned for part 2 of this interview, dealing with Liquefied Natural Gas and the proposed Site C Dam.

2 Responses to “Video: Rafe Mair and Economist Erik Andersen, Pt. 1 – The ‘Enronization’ of BC Hydro”

  1. Colin Nielsen says:

    On the following page on Hydro’s site

    Hydro claims that the majority of project costs for the NTL transmission line will be “recovered through contributions from third parties including a clean energy project of AltaGas and an investment from the Government of Canada’s Green Infrastructure Fund.” Is this a true statement or are the majority of the costs of this extensive transmission line being carried by ratepayers?

  2. T.Edward says:

    Rafe no mention of Fortis.Electricity producer in the Kootenays.Or Powerex BC Hydro electricity exporter

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