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Two days ago I sent around a picture of the Pope and Harper which amused me. It had already been tweeted.

Now I find I must plead guilty to stupidity, for until I talked to my wife last night about the reaction to it, it never occurred to me it was probably faked. God’s truth! As a technical klutz it just didn’t cross my mind. I thought it was one of those goofy coincidences that sometimes happen. I had no intention to offend. I sincerely apologize if I did.

Still, it showed me how the Far Right – whose right to be so is unchallengeable – are masters of the same personal attack they accused me of! One ad hominem attack after another without a reasoned criticism – which I admit was available.

Read the tweets! They sound about as reasoned as the shit we Socreds and the NDP used to holler at each other in the Legislature! Mindless – the nastier, more calculated to offend, the better!

Many hide behind a pseudonym. They who set their hair on fire at women wearing veils, strike viciously from the safety of anonymity! Take the time as I did to look at their home pages and read what they and their supporters say : about themselves. I fear for my country that these narrow minded fools might ever get into power.

If I made a mistake, I’m truly sorry.

I would be openly mistaken than anonymously intolerant.

2 Responses to “The Pope, Stephen Harper, and the Far Right’s reaction”

  1. Hi Rafe, It was a bit over the top, but I thought it hilarious. just didn’t have the courage or “poor taste” to send it on, as I knew it would upset a few friends I have who are quite religious in a traditional sense. I thought that Harper had finally annoyed you to the point of indiscretion. He has done that to me many times. this Bill C24 about making people who were not born in the country or anyone eligible for citizenship outside of Canada, this includes my family who came from UK in l908- 1915, and many, many more. Seems it was passed in 2013…without a whimper then. and now Patrick Watson has had his passport taken away because the Japanese asked Mr. H to do that…. I really do hope that Tom Mulcair and the NDP get an opportunity to lead Canada for a couple terms. Surely they would be no worse than what we have, and god willing, substantially better. God Bless You. Keep up your resistance work and telling the truth. sincere regards, Holly , Trail, BC

  2. that incomplete sentence, re: Bill C-24, refers to the removal of Canadian Citizenship by the government… who are these people?

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