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As a politician, broadcaster, advocate and speaker of truth to power, Rafe Mair was crucial to the public conversation in B.C.

When, just two weeks ago, he died at age 85, the tributes poured out.

Rafe left provincial politics for the airwaves, his radio shows reaching people not just in B.C. but across Canada with his hard-nosed commentaries and fearless interviews, always in defence of the province he loved.

When his radio employer dropped him despite top ratings, The Tyee was pleased and fortunate to provide Rafe a home. For over a decade, he was a regular Tyee columnist enjoying zero censorship, as he himself proclaimed. Here at The Tyee, Rafe was free to wield facts and common sense against forces of greed and destruction — and to defend B.C.’s natural legacy.

Rafe Mair earned the title “conscience of the province,” as Tyee Founding Editor David Beers stated the day after he passed away.

That is why The Tyee is honoured to announce that we — with your help —will be launching the Rafe Mair Memorial Fund, dedicated to funding investigations and solutions reporting about environmental issues in B.C. As Rafe regularly reminded us, there is no shortage of stories to cover, whether it be Site C, fracking, mining, wild salmon, pipelines, run-of-river generators or forest habitat. And we invite you to add your own topics to the list. Read full article at The Tyee

Paul Watson weighs in: Rafe’s Ocean of Courage: Paul Watson on His Friend, and Building a Legacy

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