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Tag Archive 'baseball'

No, I WILL NOT root for the Blue Jays

Tell me, where the hell is it written that I must now be a Toronto Blue Jay fan? Is it because I am a Canadian? Well, I have been a Canadian for going on 84 years and during that entire time I confess that I have been a British Columbian first and a Canadian second, […]

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The Dodgers vs. the Giants

First, forgive my absence from these pages for so long however Wendy and I did take a short cruise punctuated, sad to say, by some hospitalization for me. Thankfully, I am on the mend! Today is true confessions day and there will be a lot of old friends rolling in their graves to learn what […]

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The void

Uncle Rafe’s first sports analysis 2014–15, or, what to do during the “void”. The “Void” is that time between the end of the World Series and the beginning of spring training. For me, a shut-in, the question arises as to what I shall do during that period. The options, of course, are many. Most would […]

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