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What a week even by BC political “standards”!

People are saying that the legislature is dysfunctional but that’s been the case for decades. Our system makes party discipline and rule by the premier’s office a certainty. What demonstrates this point is just what is going on – a wounded unto death premier means a dysfunctional government since he is the government.

What makes this point is this question – if Premier Pinocchio is one half as bad as Bill Bennett says why haven’t caucus and cabinet made this clear? Why would any cabinet minister endure this? Why would a lowly backbencher not get fed up and cross the floor? Not one has done this in nearly 10 years! Indeed, any dissent has to be read into the resignation of Carole Taylor and that two cabinet ministers elected not to run again. This is pretty thin gruel to work with when trying to test the temper, literally, of the government!

The answer of course, is fear of retribution by Campbell. Cabinet Ministers learn to like the extra power and even more the extra money and the perks. As to Caucus, Napoleon said it all when he declared that “every soldier has a marshal’s baton in his sack.” All backbenchers think that they could do a better job than cabinet ministers and the only way to get there is to kiss the premier’s ass. There is no other way to get the premier’s approval since there is bugger-all to do on the backbench except participate in make work projects.

Let’s take a look at the NDP. They have a most honourable and utterly decent leader who doesn’t command the respect of many in her caucus and is damned with very faint praise in the polls. The chaos in the Liberal Party shows how difficult it is to get rid of a leader under our system, a point emphasized by the NDP.

Campbell gets not a word of praise from me – in my view (not shared by the business community I must add – is that he has been a terrible premier. On the other hand, I think Ms James would make a very good premier given decent support by her caucus. The sad fact is that she will not likely get the chance.

So, when all’s said and done, the indictment is not of Campbell or indeed James but of a solution that places dictatorial power in the hands of a leader almost impossible to dislodge.

10 Responses to “From Rafe’s desk: What a week!”

  1. Kurt Pedersen says:

    I can understand your condemation of Preimier Campbell, afterall BC has lead the nation in child poverty for sen years running but I can’t understand why you think Carole would be a good leader. For one thing she is wishy washy for another she is lead by the nose by Moe Sihota who is taking her and by extension the party in a direction that will ensure the NDP leave the middle to the Liberals again.

  2. Mike Lombardi says:

    I have known Carole James for more than 25 years.  She is  trustworthy, moderate, smart, thoughtful, solutions oriented, and full of common sense. Her  leadership style is just what we need–a cool leader in a hot province!
    about 20 hours ago
    Mike Lombardi
    Vision Vancouver Shcool Trustee
    Vancouver Board of Education

  3. Mark Shaw says:

    I think that your comments have been overtaken by events on Friday afternoon. Kudos to Carole James! Now let’s see how she responds to further challenges from the Lunatic Left.

  4. Ed Seedhouse says:

    This Moe paranoia is amazing! I’ve known him since 1983. We are friends and have worked together long ago. Yes, he has flaws as do all of us. He understand politics and is a pro at it and knows how to organize. He is just what the NDP needs in a president right now. Someone who understands how to organize and run a businesslike operation, and who doesn’t hide problems away and pretend they aren’t there.

    If, and it’s a big if, the NDP needs a new leader before the next election there’s plenty of time. Heck, the way things are going with the Liberals Carol, may be premier in a few months anyway. And if you are a left winger, why would you panic now, when the main right wing party looks to be self destructing and a split may be forming on the right?

    Why would the NDP want to elect a new leader before the Liberals elect their new one? That would be a huge strategic blunder like we made in 1985 by electing a leader to beat Bill Bennet only to find ourselves running against Bill Vanderzalm with the wrong guy!

  5. hixxille says:

    It’s been a lovely near decade of relatively civilized politics by British Columbia standards. I think we can thank both Campbell and James for that.

    Unfortunately, we seem to demand something more entertaining and Soap Opera-like and I fear that is the pointless noise into which we will sink again. If both parties can only find someone with the proper braying tone……

  6. Skookum1 says:

    It’s been a lovely near decade of relatively civilized politics by British Columbia standards.

    You must have been sedated heavily throughout then, or just wilfully blind…..

  7. Hixxville says:

    It is normal to be historically myopic. After all, it’s always more ‘right now’ than it’s ever been before in history.

    But I remember worse behaviour from Bill Bennett Jr.s days on, and it looks to me like those are the so-called good old days we will return to. Unfortunately.

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  9. Skookum1 says:

    Wow, the bad old days of Social Credit, as if they were any worse than the Campbellites… gotta be kidding, but apparently your “historical myopia” is very focussed, to the point of having an agenda. The only reason there’s been an illusion of “peace and stability” is because the mainstream media have systematically avoided reporting on things honestly, and the government has this $30 million publicly-paid-for propaganda department putting out disinformation on how peachy-keen everything has been…..the doctor’s strike, the emergency room closures, the BC Rail and BC Hydro fricasses and the associatec orruptifying of crown prosecutors and meddling with the Supreme Court, Olympics corruption/human rights violations, and so much more (so very very much more). Blogspace and public meetings have been afire this with years; apparently you’ve been going to the mall and relying on CanWest and CBC for your interpretation of how “peaceful and stable” BC politics has been….the national media are still portraying this evil fool Campbell as a “great” and “effective” leader who brought “economic prosperity” to a province where he actually destoryed that prosperity’s foundation, with the cooperation of a willing media and an even more suckhole academia. Peace and stability, gimme a break…..I’d rather have Bill Bennett back, or even Vander Zalm, rather than this current pack of cretins and whoever it is they’ll anoint to pick up the dirty-laundry basket and pretend it’s a floral bouquet. BCRIC, the Doman Scandal, Solidarty/Restraint – those are all piffle compared to the roller-coaster-to-economic-ruin that Gordon Campbell and his flunkies have been running for the last ten years.

    Speaking of which, I’d vote for Rafe Mair for Premier, if only there were a party that could handle him……

  10. Hixxville says:

    Please, we don’t need another hero. (gee, sounds like a song)
    All heroes will eventually fall from favour and ultimately disappoint.

    All leaders will be judged by their opposition by the worst they do, while supporters will tout only the best, and anyone who points out they’re all just human will be seen as a traitor to the nation.

    To quote myself, “It’s more ‘right now’ than it’s ever been before in history.” ….and it’s all history in about three seconds.

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