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The New Liberal leader will, on several questions, be like the fighter sitting on his stool and refusing to answer the bell because he knows he’s going to get the crap knocked out of him.

One of those is BC Rail.

Another is private v public power which, in essence, is combined into Campbell’s so-called run-of-river policy.

We must all know that no matter who the leader is, he/she will duck these issues and they will be greatly aided by the mainstream media people who are not allowed, apparently, to bring them up.

For the NDP this is a glorious opportunity to win, outright, two huge issues – but before they can do that they must establish their understanding of these two issues and offer solutions.

The NDP didn’t have the opportunity to really deal with BC Rail for the serious stuff was before the courts and no one would have believed that the Liberals would shut the case down just as former Minister of Finance, Gary Collins, and the Premier himself were to give evidence.

On the Energy/Rivers issue the NDP was woefully weak in the election campaign. For much of the campaign the NDP candidate could only sloganize (a new word I just invented) with such puffery as “we’ve got to stop giving our rivers away”, which was true but scarcely did the issue justice. The NDP have a history of sloganizing – neat little ditties that mask ignorance or lack of courage or both. They bring an appropriate giggle and applause at NDP bun tosses but do nothing to enlighten the voter or present a solution.

First, then, the NDP must show that it understands the colossal and perfidious – in the sense of cheating citizens – policy the Gordon Campbell government have us involved in. The giveaway is immense – large corporations get subsidized by the public to get paid double or more what their power is worth by BC Hydro (at a huge loss), for power that’s not for British Columbians but for export.

Read that again. It defies belief doesn’t it? And until this issue is understood by political parties it won’t be understood by the public.

The secret contracts BC Hydro is forced to make are unconscionable. The NDP must pledge to make them public and if they are indeed unconscionable, refuse to honour them. The analogy is rather like the mayor elected to clean up city hall, then, when elected, promising to honour all the sweetheart deals his predecessor made with his family and cronies.

Politics is a tough game and demands courageous answers to difficult questions. This means that the party itself must understand the issues and have the platform very firm on what’s wrong and what must happen.

This is not easy, for the business community will scream and the NDP has done a lot of work to make inroads there. Business people, in general, don’t like the NDP anyway but smaller business people are far easier to deal with. Once the policy is in place, NDP spokespeople around the province must speak, with knowledge, to the people all around BC, the business community being welcome. They won’t be the only ones out in the communities speaking on this subject.

I do know of one NDP candidate who thoroughly understands this issue – John Horgan. Others may also understand and we at The Common Sense Canadian would welcome a blog from any other leadership candidate interested in letting our readership hear their view.

I’m often accused of being a turncoat because I was once a Social Credit Minister.

Sticks and stones etc … I’ve been a strong environmentalist for a great many years. I don’t believe for one second that Premier Bill Bennett would have jeopardized – hell, killed – BC Hydro for any reason much less by forcing them to pay private companies double for energy it didn’t need meaning they had to export it at a huge loss.

If he had believed that, we’d never have met, let alone become colleagues.

I believe with every fiber that the saving of our environment – our salmon, our rivers and the ecologies they support – is far and away the biggest political issue of the day. As I often said during the last election – a government might be a very bad government on fiscal issues but if it is, that can be fixed by a new government.

Once you lose your farmland, your fish, your rivers and the ecologies they support, you can never get them back.

2 Responses to “Issues NDP Can Win On… If They’re Smart Enough”

  1. Angrygranny says:

    Good for you Rafe. My appreciation of you, just goes on and on.

    I was very upset and angry when I read, Kinder Morgan, will now be building the pipeline, from Alberta’s dirty tar sands to the Port of Kitimat. It was said, the project is moving forward very rapidly. Enbridge, seems to be out. What news do you have on this abomination? This is the work, Campbell said he was going to continue, when he resigned. Campbell is far too full of, hate, spite, malice and far too vindictive, to just quit his evil agenda. He sure in the hell didn’t fool me. He never quit his dirty tactics, on a number of events taking place, all of the rotten to the core. We need to get this, evil, corrupt BC Liberal government, the hell out of this province. Sorry, I am just so fed up, with this rotten government. It just seems, BC is forever to be governed by criminals. I am just so disgusted.

  2. RS says:

    Unfortunately for BC, Campbell’s DUI didn’t do him in. Since then the Liberal’s record on IPPs, PPPs, BCR, the HST, and the DFB (double-fudge-it budget) should see ’em all, complicit MLAs, ministers (past and present), premier wannabes, and lobbyists and MSM shills, pilloried for abuse of public trust.

    If the majority reinstates this malfeasant bunch of scoundrels I may have to head for the hills with a shotgun and a box of shells, a fly rod and some flies, a coffee pot ‘n’ coffee, a cast iron pot, a sack each of flour, salt, sugar, a good saw and an axe and a copies of Thoreau’s, Walden: Life in the Woods, and Civil Disobedience (Resistance to Civil Government).

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