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Christy Clark Must Resign

Of course Premier Christy Clark must resign. This unholy bloody business called “ethnicgate” started and stayed in her office. The cabinet minister, John Yap, who ran up on his own sword, lied while doing so saying that none of this had crossed his desk.

Why did he lie?

Clearly because his knowledge as a member of cabinet would be imputed to the premier, his boss. His note cheering on his hired fixits could hardly be sent unless he had Clark’s approval.

The appointment of the premier’s deputy minister to investigate this matter was wrong from the beginning and his report bears that out – he did not interview any members of caucus, more importantly he didn’t interviews any cabinet ministers, most importantly, he did not interview the premier.

Mr. Dyble himself should have refused the assignment. If he took it, it had to have no strings attached – which there obviously were.

The constitutional practice over the centuries requires that cabinet ministers, including first ministers, must resign if they are under a cloud. That Premier Clark is under a cloud can scarcely be denied by her most loyal of Liberal friends.

The premier must do the right thing and do it now. Not to do so is not only dishonourable but she places herself and her party ahead of her sworn obligation as a member of cabinet and the first minister.

And that will be her legacy – a dishonourable woman who put personal and political considerations ahead of her duty.

One Response to “Christy Clark Must Resign”

  1. Gavin Bamber says:

    She’ll resign on May 15th.

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