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Noah Syndergaard. Photo courtesy MLB.

Noah Syndergaard. Photo courtesy MLB.

I must tell you, my friends, that I am starting to worry although I am not quite panicking.

The problem, you see, is that the World Series is in danger of ending too quickly. I love Series time but it’s rather like fall because the trouble with fall is that winter is right behind. Similarly, when the Series ends we’re in the “void”, that time between the last out of the series and the beginning of spring training.

I am at sixes and sevens in this Series because, as my loyal reader will know, I am National League supporter and therefore should be living and dying for the Mets. The problem is I am not.

Last year I kind of got caught up with the gutsiness of the Kansas City Royals although they did lose the World Series. Had there been any other American League team in this series I wouldn’t have had a problem. I suppose I should also say, had there been any other National League team but New York, it would have been easier. In fact, I was rather hoping the Cubs would be there. In any event, it ain’t looking good for the Mets and somehow I don’t much care.

I find myself not enjoying the World Series quite as much as I used to and I can hear too many of you shouting “that’s because you’re an old fart now!” And that may well be true but hear me out.

Tonight we were told we were going to hear Take Me Out To The Ballgame instead of some rockstar trilling God Bless America. I said to myself, self, it’s about time. This is like the good old days. Like Harry Cary.

Well, of course, we got a series of ads.

Now that I felt properly pissed off, I pondered what else was troubling me. There was something and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until I heard one more inane remark from one of the inanities that are “colour” guys that can’t bloody well keep their mouths shut.

What happened to the days when Mel Allen or Red Barber or Vin Scully could carry the game with a minimum of outside blather?

Now as I listened there was a steady stream of verbiage from three half wits who had to talk even though they have nothing to say and if they did have something to say it was some meaningless shit from the computer telling them that in 1908 when the White Sox played the Giants the Giants’ third baseman popped out five times for an all-time Series record. (I must admit that A-Rod was a breath of fresh air.)

Is there nothing that can be done about this verbal diarrhea which interferes with the action? During one inning you may remember the announcer with the microphone prattled on with the Royals manager during which time two outs took place on the field.

I don’t wish to leave you as a grouch. The baseball played is excellent and, until the Royals broke it open in the seventh inning, it was a good game with some first-class pitching on both sides which continued for the Royals. There was also some outstanding defense which I have always enjoyed watching. I must say that in my dotage I really don’t need to many more 14 inning games like game one but I have enjoyed the baseball.

I am content knowing that baseball is still the best team sport in the world and that even excess verbosity by mindless announcers can’t change that.

The only thing that will spoil the 2015 World Series for me is if it ends one pitch early lest the “void” start a moment too soon.

One Response to “Relatively sober contemplation of the 2015 World Series”

  1. admin says:

    Lots of things I agree with here. Regarding the TV coverage, it’s important to keep in mind the words of Kalle Lasn: “Your living room is the factory. The product being manufactured is you.” I think that interviewing coaches and players during a game is inappropriate, and agree with you about ARod. (I watched game one on BT Sport, and the commentary, with John Smoltz and Matt Vasgersian, was better.)
    I’m hoping that the Mets get some wins at home. However, I’m a fan of Jacob deGrom. After the way the Royals got to him last night, I’m worried.

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