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John Horgan and Andrew Weaver seal their pact (Photo: @jjhorgan/Twitter)

It will be a much postponed verdict but my initial reaction to the NDP-Green deal is positive.

Whether so motivated or not, Andrew Weaver has done the right politically moral thing – contradiction in terms though that is – by agreeing to support John Horgan and the NDP. It is particularly laudable in the form of being support not coalition. His obligation is twofold – first to the public, to give them the best possible governance option and secondly to the Green Party, which is the reason he has the options in the first place.

Dealing with the latter point, that’s a bigger obligation than might first appear. The Greens are a worldwide “movement” with obligations outside BC and Canada and have ambitions for political power with reasons to believe they can, with time, succeed. The political persuasion that supports Green certainly is not compatible with the BC variety of the Liberal Party and Dr. Weaver has correctly borne that in mind. We will always suspect, with good reason, that in rejecting Ms. Clark, he turned down a pretty good personal offer. Read full article at The Common Sense Canadian

One Response to “NDP-Green pact should mean good riddance to Kinder Morgan, but Liberal opposition won’t make life easy”

  1. Rod Pugh says:

    Bay and Howe Street’s may be sharpening their knives but I believe B.C. is up to the challenge. Question his how much pressure can BC NDP take? Don’t know much about provincial Greens. Have been to Elizabeth May events in Saanich and will stick to her guns.
    Federal Liberals and Conservative’s may be willing to sacrifice BC seats to satisfy there backers but what about Quebec?
    Believe that BC has much in common with Quebec’s view of provincial rights and jurisdiction. Quebec citizens are not in favor of oil pipelines either. Nor are they in favour of destroying there crown jewel Hydro Quebec.
    Quebec has had Newfoundland over the barrel exporting electricity through its territory.
    Why hasn’t Alberta and the Liberals intervened on behalf of Newfoundland? They won all the seats! Joey Smallwood went to his grave fighting for Newfoundland’s right for unfettered right to export power without interference. Its too late for Alberta and Federal parties to squeal.
    History has shown us that exporting provinces do not have blank a cheque.

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