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Monthly Archive for September, 2010

A travelogue about London

´╗┐Today. Please indulge me, a short travelogue. When I had my show on CKNW I always did a travelogue and was always criticized by the station for doing so – which simply encouraged my view that it must be a good idea! I nearly always had positive feedback. Last May, Wendy came to me as […]

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Canada’s Boring Pseudo-Democracy

When our MPs debate, there’s nothing really at stake. Why even pay attention? When you read this, I will be in London trying to survive their coalition government, which, given a misstated word by the Deputy Minister Nick Clegg, means a minority government and democracy as we know it is doomed! Big Ben will no […]

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Is BC Hydro going to be sold?

´╗┐There is something brewing in the environment – the disintegration of BC Hydro by this government – deliberately. This has been obvious to my partner Damien Gillis and me for 18 months. All signs point that way and the brilliant analysis by economist Erik Andersen which you can see at thecanadian.org lays it all out. […]

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