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Tag Archive 'Gordon Campbell'

No sleaze, please

Campbell set the bar so low, no wonder his team stoops. The “sleaze” factor is now near the top of the election agenda as it should have been from the outset. For John van Dongen’s most recent cabinet departure (he had to resign a few years back amidst a different scandal) simply is the rash […]

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Campbell’s Hypocrisy Habit

Libs’ top cop has license yanked, stays in race. Too typical. With apologies to Walt Disney: “Who’s afraid of the big bad NDP?” During their decade in office (from 1991 to 2001) I was their constant critic. As I was of Rita Johnston, Bill Vander Zalm and Bill Bennett (after 1981 when I left his […]

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Anger the Polls Don’t Yet Catch

Three issues gaining traction as the campaigns unfold Picking political winners in British Columbia is a mug’s game. Going back to 1972, the NDP won a landslide victory with just 39 per cent of the popular vote. In 1975, it lost to a Socred landslide even though it still had 39 per cent of the […]

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Hey Gordo, What’s Going on Here?

For Premier Campbell, unsavoury questions pile up. As I write this, I’m coming to the end of a long road trip where I’ve been speaking to groups about the Campbell government’s energy policy, which bids fair to permanently lay waste to 600 to 700 of our rivers and streams in this wonderful province of ours. […]

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Goodbye Gag Law

Good riddance to Campbell’s clamp down on free speech On Friday the Supreme Court shot down the Campbell government’s “gag law” amendment to the B.C. Elections Act. That’s great news. But it’s not clear the judgment comes in time to salvage free speech during this provincial election. And for me, an important question remains. Where […]

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Spare us from Gullible Gord

He’s star struck by big biz beyond BC’s borders. I’ve finally figured it out. The Campbell government consists of incompetent, blundering fools with frozen smiles and expensive suits. It’s worse, really, because that incompetence is combined with thoughtlessness, arrogance and hubris — a fatal mix. Let’s start with the latest. The merchants of Cambie Street, […]

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