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Premier Campbell … if you think that the ravishing of our rivers for private power with private profits off public property will be tolerated because of the election result you are very mistaken indeed. As John Paul Jones said, “we’ve just begun to fight” – as the recent overflow meeting in Kaslo demonstrated.

You were fortunate, Premier, that the opposition ran such a bad campaign. They never understood the rivers issue and left that work to others outside the political process. You are also lucky that your disgraceful policy is so bad no one believes the consequences. What sane government, it’s asked, would give away billions of dollars to private companies to destroy BC Rivers, for power BC Hydro must buy but can’t use, bankrupting BC Hydro in the process? The answer is, of course, that no sane, decent, caring government would ever think of this idiocy let alone embrace it.

You also think you’ll continue to wipe out our salmon with your fish farm policy which has now become a certified conspiracy with the federal government. On both these issues you’ll face ever increasing anger from citizens. If these issues turn nasty – and all history tells us that’s likely – it will be on your head. You won’t debate these issues; nor will any of your MLAs because you know you’re dead wrong and that what you’re doing amounts to a crime against the environment that belongs to us all, not just General Electric and Marine Harvest.

Yes, Save Our Rivers Society will continue to fight and rally honest citizens to the cause. You are politically right to be gutless and prevent your minister to take the podium with me because you know you have no case – as no doubt he knows too.

I don’t know what’s happened to the Gordon Campbell who once fought Alcan to save the Stuart Sockeye, telling me that he couldn’t live with himself if the wonderful sockeye salmon he’d seen on a billboard would not be there for his children and grandchildren. What did happen, Premier? A lust for power? A greed for corporate approval? Did power convert you to fascism with occasional elections?

Whatever happened, you’ve ignited a fury that won’t easily be extinguished.

4 Responses to “The battle has barely begun II”

  1. pluscachange says:

    The present leadership of the BCNDP doesn’t seem to have a clue – to the point where it’s silence on the BCLiberals theft of what all citizens own in common appears to condone this crime – and, who knows, perhaps some of them have invested in these private power operations. Our Dear Leader seems to have always been ready to say and do anything to achieve power secure in the knowledge that once in office he, and his sponsors, would be safe from prosecution. Given the farce of the never-ending BC Rail trial the independence of our courts would appear to be compromised – so no help there; with automatic injunctions to deal with even peaceful public protests. In any event the ball is now in the public court. We still need to gather and focus our anger. It’s past time to show the Campbell Gang some real, if unofficial, opposition to take back what has been stolen and prevent the sell-off of our water and who knows what else. The price of complacency is victim-hood. ‘Twas ever thus.

  2. Gary E says:

    For some years now I have watched the destruction of the saltwater fisheries in this country. First the cod on the east coast now the pacific salmon.

    After the destruction of the Cod off the Grand Banks they started to put oil rigs in Hybernia. It may not be close but I believe the two are connected. Watch for more rigs.

    For years Federal Fisheries Minister David Anderson sat on his butt while other countries raided our fishing grounds. Then up popped the “fish farm”.
    The fact has been proven that sea lice is killing off smolts and the Harper government has been told by the Supreme Court of Canada that they are responsible for the Farms. They have stated that they are allowing the provincial government to maintain the status quo.

    I believe that deal is so the Campbell Cabal can finish off our river daming and diverting so their business buddies can say “hey there are no spawning fish in these rivers”.

    The people of this country must start standing up for their heritage. This can’t go on any longer. Campbell is charging us in a gas tax for the environment but if you don’t stand up there will be no environment. Destroying the fish destroys a food chain which in turn will destroy the environment.

  3. BILL 30 is your road map to serfdom.

    Rafe, you need to explain to everyone the repercussions of BILL 30… or enjoy serfdom forever; taxation without representation.

  4. Why was Bill 30 needed?… what does it accomplish?… who does it benefit?

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