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Now that the Liberal leadership has warmed up we, the long suffering environmentalists, have our work cut out for us – the environment must be an issue. I say this knowing that not one of the Campbell clones gives a rat’s ass about environmental issues. If for no other reason, we must vocally make ourselves known so that they can’t complain afterwards that we didn’t raise the matter.

Looking at the candidates and assuming that Christy Clark will be in, I see nothing to choose amongst them with the exception that Kevin Falcon is the worst of a bad lot. What is so terrifying about this political situation in our province is that the Liberals may win again in default of another option.

On November 30, Carole James laid down her policies and one can only read them with a mixture of anger and sorrow if you care for our natural resources. The environment was well down the list of priorities and what she did say was the usual political bullshit. Generalities – nothing specific. I have the feeling that one of two things prevail in the NDP’s plans- either the rivers, our salmon, our Agricultural Land Reserve, our coastline mean nothing but issues for loud mouths like Donna Passmore, Alexandra Morton Rex Weyler, Joe Foy – and yes I will immodestly include Rafe Mair, OR she and the NDP haven’t got the guts to raise them as they are, preferring mindless political blather.

I voice this anger because if the NDP doesn’t raise these issues, Liberal leadership wanabes won’t either.

This question for Carole James and her party – are the serious breaches of the ALR, the slaughter of salmon by sea lice from salmon farms and the bankrupting of BC Hydro while destroying our environment, threatening our environment with pipelines, just second or third tier issues? Is it that the thousands who march, write and support the fights I’ve mentioned are just noisy kids who can be silenced by an ice cream cone with a warning that no further criticism of their “betters” will be tolerated?

Ms. James talks of “tough work and tough conversation”. Does tough conversation not include abusing farm land for highways? Fish farms? Pillage of our rivers and theft of our great power company, BC Hydro? Our pristine coast?

Each one of those headings calls either for very tough questions and decisions or indifference. There is no middle ground to be suffocated by banal bullshit. Either you state unequivocally that the ALR is a sacred issue or you don’t care because you can’t have a “protection when convenient” policy. Either you force fish farms out of our waters or you don’t. Either we prevent large corporations trashing our rivers while destroying BC Hydro, or you don’t. Either we permit plpelines bringing Tar Sands sludge across the province and down our coastline or you don’t. In short, meaning nothing personal of course, you can’t be a little bit pregnant.

Either you take them on in clear unmistakable, unadorned English, Ms. James, or you will quite properly be called a coward.

We all know that there is dissension in the NDP ranks. If that means that we’ll only have the “tough conversation” when you can keep your troops from deserting, it will be too late.

From the point of view of the environmentalist, the only thing worse than losing an election on these issues would be losing without a fight.

H.L. Mencken once said “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats”.

Those of us trying to preserve what we have for future generations, hearing the bilge we do, indeed, figuratively speaking, of course,  feel ready to start wielding cutlasses.

4 Responses to “Carole James’ “tough work and tough conversation””

  1. C. Collins says:

    If your willing to sit ina a cell for wielding, Instead spend the next 4 years as our resident leader. Oncw yu set your staff, lay back, take it easy and make the occasional appearances. All will be well. Seriously, thank you.

  2. ron wilton says:

    Somebody has/had to get through to Carole that her poll sitting (good one ron) is not gonna give us the hope for improvement we are seeking.
    I share Jenny Kwan’s frustration ( I hope that’s what it is) with Caroles ineffective communication of her goals or plans for BC. She needs to get on the air or on line and answer the questions we all want answers to. We should have the opportunity to vote for something and not always against.
    Can you get her to talk, Rafe?

  3. Ben Cohen says:

    Your stance on the environment is a nice legacy. This is what your beliefs are and we must have respect for this irrespective of the disbelief of anything else. If this is what you want to be remembered for, then this is well, because after all we only have one planet Earth. We need to keep our home here more pollution free. I may vote for your NDP party on this grounds alone if I chose to be an enviromentalist, for they have a better grasp on the issue then the Liberals. I think your leader Carol James will do a better job to help make our planet better in this respect. Keep up your fight for the environment and helping the wild salmon. You are an intelligent man and I know you will do well here. Ben from Toronto

  4. Rod Smelser says:

    Either you take them on in clear unmistakable, unadorned English, Ms. James, or you will quite properly be called a coward.

    Isn’t that libel?

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