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“Although Communism may be dead in fact if not name, the conditions that spawned and nurtured it are very much with us today. Large corporations have replaced the noblemen, the dwindling middle class is no buffer between the haves and the have-nots, and the rich get richer. Not much different than 1917… Change, unpredictable change, is coming to your home and sooner than you think!”

This was part of an article I did for Strategic Culture Foundation which is an online paper; it was dated April 10, 2010.

Now we have Occupy Wall Street in Vancouver and I have no doubt that it will spread like wildfire. The question is: Will it be like a grass fire and quickly burn out or get some roots? Moreover, if takes hold, what does it mean for the environmental struggle, in BC especially?

At present, there doesn’t appear any structure let alone leader but I think we can assume that this will change. The more important question is not if it takes on an organizational set up, who will be the major “bosses”, for want of a better word?

This raises another question: will this be led by a Robespierre, a Lenin…or a Gandhi, Mandela. Martin Luther King or Lech Walesa? That is not only a key question for political purposes but environmental questions as well.

If the former comes to pass – and this could well happen – the approach it will take will be to try to topple governments. To the extent they succeed, the environment will never be more than a convenient issue according to the times. For a glimpse at what a communist government will do, one need look no further that the Soviet Union and modern China.

If, on the other hand it tries to gain power democratically, their obvious role will be to take on the issues that governments have failed in. British Columbia is just such a place and the environment just the issue. This raises yet another critical question – how will Adrian Dix and the NDP handle this?

I suspect very cautiously just as President Obama has. The support would be very helpful but neither the US Democrats want to face a hijacking which is a very real worry.

Hold onto your hats for we’re in for a very interesting ride!

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