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The following was presented to the Vancouver Province on June 7 in response to an article by Stewart Muir who heads Resources Works, a group actively supporting the proposed Woodfibre LNG plant. The Province printed a much abbreviated version on June 12 and I feel obliged to let you get the full picture of the nonsene Muir peddled, so very consistent with the general accuracy of his statements.

Stewart Muir and his Resource Works which, under a flimsy disguise of independence, shill for the proposed Woodfibre LNG plant, are masters of the half truth.

Muir alleges that the proposed Woodfibre LNG at Squamish is a “long way from any residents”.

Obviously that’s nonsense and anyone living on Howe Sound along the proposed LNG Tanker route knows that that route is unsafe. International rules say the danger zone around LNG tankers is 3,500 to 4,200 metres. Howe Sound is so narrow that its shores are well within the danger zone. Looking at a map based upon proper standards demonstrates beyond question that Gambier, Keats, Bowen, the Sea to Sky Highway, Lions Bay, Horseshoe Bay and West Vancouver would be at serious risk.┬áProposed LNG Tanker traffic even runs afoul of the standards of the industry’s international trade organization, the┬áSociety of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators (SIGTTO).

Muir continues to mislead by declaring that in 50 years there has “never been a major shipping incident worldwide”. What Muir forgets to add are these rather critical words, “on the high seas”.

In case Mr. Muir hasn’t looked around him carefully, The Fraser River and Howe Sound scarcely qualify as the “high seas”.

Resource Works, headed by Muir, steadfastly refuses to deal with these and other questions raised by those of us who live along the shores of Howe Sound and who will not be satisfied with self-serving twaddle put out by the LNG industry.

Stewart Muir knows that the owner, convicted big time tax evader Sukarto Tanoto, and Woodfibre LNG are in the fight of their lives and that they’re going to lose to the people who are firmly and steadfastly opposed.


Rafe Mair,
Howe Sound Protector
Lions Bay, BC

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